I know at least four or five of us in Bunbury who are pilots. I took it up two years ago, just to try to do something different.  I live in this fantastic part of the world and I thought ‘is it too late to learn things?’ There’s an airport right here, seven minutes from my home. I can drive out there, get in an aeroplane, and fly. I just love the view up there. You get up there and nobody can ring you. You just take in the scenery. You can look for dolphins, look for whales. It’s a new skill, and it’s cheaper than having a caravan or a four-wheel drive. When you look for a plane, they’re advertised all over the country. You’ve got to get it delivered somehow. You either pay somebody else to do it, or, if you’re lucky, a flying instructor or member of your flying club comes with you, knowing what they’re doing, and you bring it back yourself. It’s a great adventure.

Dr Michael Comparti,
Bunbury, WA